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Comparing college costs

Are you in the midst of your college search? While you want a school that can offer a great education and an atmosphere that suits you—cost should also be an important consideration. Once you know what you’re looking for in… Continue reading

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Getting to your savings goals

As you think about savings goals, it’s really easy to think about that ideal end state. For example, I want an emergency fund with six months’ salary in it, so I calculate out what that will be and I set… Continue reading

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Building savings into your budget

Okay, if I were a college student, I think I’d be sputtering right now: “Saving? Saving what? I’m borrowing money just to live!” But hear me out. It’s tough to manage your money when you’re in college. Borrowing thousands of… Continue reading

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Time to save

This is the perfect week to think about savings. It’s America Saves Week! Truth of the matter is that when it comes to retirement and emergency savings many Americans aren’t saving enough. Present blogger included. Want some more savings truths?… Continue reading

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Taxes and your student loan interest

As April inches closer and closer (c’mon Spring, get that snow off my lawn!), so does the deadline to file your taxes. As you look all the opportunities to reduce the amount you owe or increase your refund amount, don’t… Continue reading

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Love, life insurance, and … fruit flies?

Every year on Valentine’s Day, we go to great lengths for the ones we love. We prepare a four-course meal. We plan a surprise weekend getaway. We drive to a minimum of four flower shops before we find one with… Continue reading

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Alternative spring break

A month from now, college students will start to embark on their spring breaks to Cancun, Florida, or other beachy and sunny destinations. Spring break is a chance to unwind, relax, and have fun—but many students forego the standard fare,… Continue reading

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Protect your identity, cash, and stuff while traveling

Be safe. Don’t talk to strangers. And don’t drink tap water. Typical advice from your parents before leaving on spring break. But since I’m not your parent (and won’t be giving the parental spring break advice myself for about 20… Continue reading

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Spring break 2012: Get planning!

Sure, you’ve only been back to school for a month or maybe less, but it’s already time to start thinking about spring break. Planning ahead can mean saving some big money when break time comes. Now is the time to… Continue reading

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Culture: The most underrated factor in selecting a school or a job

As an SF Bay Area alumni representative for the NYU Stern School of Business whose email address is readily available through the NYU Stern website, I am often contacted this time of year by prospective MBA students in SF and… Continue reading

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