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Finding a post-grad job: Look beyond your computer screen

First, let’s state the obvious: Current career prospects for recent college grads aren’t as good as they could be. The unemployment rate for graduates ages 21 to 24 averaged 9.4 percent for the year ended in March, while the underemployment… Continue reading

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Walk, bike, drive, or bus: How will you get around campus?

This question is probably going through your mind as you’re thinking about being on campus in the fall. Do I need a car? Should I buy a bike? Depending on where you’re going to college, that answer could vary. Good… Continue reading

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What type of cookie would you be?

“If you were a cookie, what type of cookie would you be?” This was an actual question that was asked during a job interview. I am not sure I know the right answer to this or whether a right answer… Continue reading

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Doubling up on your discounts

I love a good bargain. I’m in awe of those “extreme couponers” who can somehow save hundreds of dollars on groceries. I think part of the trick is taking advantage of “double coupon” days at certain grocery stores. I clip… Continue reading

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Top 12 tips for college students entering the workforce

Friends, I’d like to introduce you to guest blogger Dean Junkans, Chief Investment Officer of Wells Fargo Private Bank. Over the course of his 28-year investment career, Dean has held numerous leadership and portfolio management positions—currently he leads and coordinates… Continue reading

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What will you do with your graduation money?

Getting money for graduation has become almost as much of a tradition as the cap and gown. I know I usually give money as a graduation gift—no shopping, no receipt, and sure to bring a smile. If you got a… Continue reading

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Seeking the uncomfortable

One of my favorite books is Leadership is Art by Max DePree. In it, DePree examines how we all seek out comfort in our everyday lives and how, when something disrupts that comfort, we get nervous. However, if just we… Continue reading

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