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Your first apartment

Moving into your first college apartment is almost as fun as heading off to college for the very first time. I remember being so excited to move off-campus and start a new chapter of my college life. But make no… Continue reading

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Don’t forget to consider renters insurance

So you’ve signed your lease for your first off-campus apartment this fall and let’s face it, you’re pumped. Who wouldn’t be!? You finally have your own place. And you’re probably going to spend all summer saving money to make your… Continue reading

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Test Preparation

…And we’re going to rule the school! —Betty Rizzo If you remember that line from the movie Grease, you are dating yourself for sure! And even though a lot of today’s high school seniors have probably never seen or heard… Continue reading

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Put vacay photos on your card!

How has your summer been? I have been enjoying little weekend trips and taking some great pictures of locations around the San Francisco Bay Area! I took some gorgeous photos in front of the Palace of Fine Arts when I… Continue reading

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I wonder if they talk to puppets…

One of the toughest transitions of college might be sharing a room with someone you have never met. Going potluck for a roommate is never an easy choice and the surveys schools use to match you doesn’t cover the real… Continue reading

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Avoid spending your summer savings

If you’ve been working hard all summer, trying to put money away for college, how can you help ensure that the money is there when fall rolls around? Saving money can be a challenge, but here are some tips to… Continue reading

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Summer orientation

Should I stay or should I go? Many students wonder if attending new student orientation is worthwhile. The summer before your first semester in college can be a busy and nerve-wracking time. You’re trying to prepare yourself for the great… Continue reading

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Plan your summer adventure!

Summer is a time to recharge and explore. It provides a break to escape the strict school schedule and do things on your own time at your own pace. Maybe you’re working a job over the summer, too, but even… Continue reading

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