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I’m ready for a break…

Winter feels like it has gone on forever, I’m ready for a little break. Are you feeling the same way? It happens that Spring Break is right around the corner (technically it doesn’t exist in the corporate world). Still everybody… Continue reading

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Reflections on Black History Month

Student LoanDown readers, our own Alisa Joseph has kindly offered her to share her thoughts on Black History Month. Alisa has 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, and connects her creative passion with her commitment to serving… Continue reading

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Make the most of your college experience

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to go to college or graduate school. Whether you have selected a school or are in the process of choosing a school that best fits your ambitions, be sure to make the most of your… Continue reading

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Keeping college tuition in check: what do you think?

You don’t hear many arguments when people say the cost of college tuition has increased dramatically in the last decade. But what can be done about it? President Obama made a proposal in his recent State of the Union address:… Continue reading

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Hearts, flowers and pizza slices

I graduated with a masters degree shortly after my 22nd birthday and catapulted into my career soon after. This means that many of the guys my age where either still finishing college or just getting started with a “real job”… Continue reading

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Decoding your award letter with the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet

This year the college financial aid award letter process will be a bit different for families with the implementation of the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet. The shopping sheet is a form that was designed by the federal government in an… Continue reading

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Clever Girls in the Community

Hi Student LoanDown readers, I’d like to introduce you to guest blogger, Leticia Barr. Leticia works for Clever Girls Collective as a Social Media Account Manager and served as the project manager for the Wells Fargo Community Campaign. She is… Continue reading

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Do you speak financial aid?

Time to learn a new language if you don’t. As you complete the FAFSA, apply for student loans and review documents from your school and possibly your student loan lender, you’ll likely come across all kinds of terms that are… Continue reading

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