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Job-hunting tips for college students

A lot of job-hunting advice is aimed at recent college graduates, but honestly, there’s plenty to do to prepare for your eventual job search from the minute you start college as a freshman. You can and should be taking steps… Continue reading

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Do You Need a Co-Signer? Credit Card Reform Act

How many of you have been tempted by a “free giveaway” to buy something? When I was in college, companies would set up tables, enticing students by offering pizza and t-shirts if they signed up for their products. During my… Continue reading

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Habits that can help make your internship a success

If you’re starting an internship this summer and want to stand out, there’s a simple way to do it, no matter what assignments you’re given: demonstrate the work habits of a pro. Be prompt. Being on time is the first… Continue reading

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Toilet paper ain’t cheap…

We are beginning the month of June and for some, your first year of college is coming to a close. Think of how you have grown in the past year and how much you have accomplished! It may not seem… Continue reading

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How to Find Free Money–The Scholarship Hunt

According to a 2012 College Board report, the average cost per year for a 4-year degree at a state-sponsored school currently runs $22,261 for in-state students and $35,321 for out-of-state students. While college can be one of the best experiences… Continue reading

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