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Affording an Internship

Whether you are graduating or still a student, everyone wants to know what you are doing for the summer, where are you working? The excitement over securing a job or internship is often preceded by anxiety and a fear of not landing … Continue reading

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Yes, you too can practice leadership….seriously.

I am sure you have been told by someone that everyone can be a leader and—like most people—you have dismissed it.  Why? Because we associate leadership and authority as the same thing, and they are not.  To put it simply, … Continue reading

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Trying to Orient Orientation

You have been thinking about it since the moment you mailed in your acceptance letter, you’ve been thinking about the ridiculous details like what you are going to wear and how you will introduce yourself. You wonder if you’ll meet … Continue reading

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The art of leadership

Lately, I have spent more time reading books on leadership. Technology has changed the landscape of business and everyone is trying to keep up. More than ever, companies need to rely on strong leadership to be successful. Organizations need to… Continue reading

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Our Summer Reading List

It’s summer time and you may find yourself with a little extra time to select your own reading material. Here, our bloggers have put together a few suggestions for some great summer reads. Enjoy! One of the books I recently… Continue reading

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Getting there is more than half the fun

Student LoanDown readers, let me introduce you to our newest blogger, Samantha Simon, who has joined us as an intern this summer as she gets ready for her last year as an undergraduate in Ohio. Welcome, Samantha! –DF Going… Continue reading

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Summer Fling – Working Abroad

There are so many ways to spend your summer vacation – one of my favorite choices has been to work and travel abroad. Being concerned about cash flow led me to finding out ways to make money (or at least… Continue reading

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Summer classes – how to stay focused when your friends are at the beach

School’s out for sum—er… maybe not. If you’re one of the lucky few that have chosen to opt in on Summer Intensives, you may have some obstacles in the way – namely social daytime activities. How are you expected to… Continue reading

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