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Parent tip: A saving for college match

One of the first things I did after starting a full-time job out of college was set up a 401K account. I knew it was important to save for retirement right away—after all, the earlier you start the more you… Continue reading

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Paying your student loan interest while in school

Have a little wiggle room in your budget this semester? Consider making some payments toward your student loan interest. I know that your budget is probably tight, and each dollar you earn from a part-time job or cash that you… Continue reading

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Refinancing options

It’s been almost 5 years since I bought my house. Crazy, huh? A lot has changed in 5 years. I painted almost every room in the house—some twice. I learned the value of DIY and remodeled both bathrooms in the… Continue reading

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Getting to your savings goals

As you think about savings goals, it’s really easy to think about that ideal end state. For example, I want an emergency fund with six months’ salary in it, so I calculate out what that will be and I set… Continue reading

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Time to save

This is the perfect week to think about savings. It’s America Saves Week! Truth of the matter is that when it comes to retirement and emergency savings many Americans aren’t saving enough. Present blogger included. Want some more savings truths?… Continue reading

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Taxes and your student loan interest

As April inches closer and closer (c’mon Spring, get that snow off my lawn!), so does the deadline to file your taxes. As you look all the opportunities to reduce the amount you owe or increase your refund amount, don’t… Continue reading

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Spring break 2012: Get planning!

Sure, you’ve only been back to school for a month or maybe less, but it’s already time to start thinking about spring break. Planning ahead can mean saving some big money when break time comes. Now is the time to… Continue reading

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Whelp, it’s time for my annual birthday post. And it’s a big one because … wait for it … it’s my golden birthday (the year my birth date is the same as my age). If you’re preparing yourself for a… Continue reading

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What will you do differently this semester?

As the spring semester starts back up—or is about to for those of you with an Interim—it’s a time of fresh starts. So many of us make New Year’s Resolutions: to lose weight, spend more time with family and friends,… Continue reading

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Our best gifts

Last week we talked about smart gifting strategies for the holidays. I was curious about our own favorite gifts so I asked the bloggers to share the best gifts they’ve received. For me, it was a childhood gift that still… Continue reading

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