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Judi is currently the moderator of the Wells Fargo Online community, which is an open forum where members share experiences, knowledge, and insights to inspire each other to make smart financial decisions, on all aspects of personal finance. As a former consultant in the career and leadership development industry, she remains passionate about helping those who are new to the working world, navigate their career path. As a native Californian, Judi is an animal enthusiast, big or small and turns to the outdoors to feed her soul but nothing too rugged. She thrives on interacting with people and would much rather commute to an office then work at home. She is surrounded by a football, popsicle, guitar loving family of men, where she is relied upon for her ability to take a joke well, cook delicious pulled pork and replace long burned-out light bulbs. She is a volunteer for Just in Time for Foster Youth, a wonderful organization that provides youth leaving the foster care system with supportive resources and a community of caring adults waiting for them after age 18.

Lessons of success from two remarkable women

Since March is Women’s History Month, I was thinking about the advice that successful, practical women can give us. This led me to the idea of presenting lessons of success from two history-making women: a woman of the past who … Continue reading

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Essay Exam Writing Tips

Essay exams are a college reality, yet they can seem scary since essay writing can be very challenging, even without the additional pressures of test environments and time limits. Keep in mind that the purpose of essay exams is to … Continue reading

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Hunting the Elusive Summer Internship: Start now!

It is January and looking for a summer internship may be the last thing on your mind. You may also be thinking that internships are offered year round. What’s the rush? Well, summer is when most students have the largest … Continue reading

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