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42 seconds of pure ecstasy … followed by four months of pain

To this day I can remember getting my first credit card as a freshman in college! I ripped open the envelope and thought—EUREKA!—I’m in the dough now. In record speed I was at the local shopping mall  to use that… Continue reading

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In your interest

My niece is already getting ready for college next fall—her test scores are in, the acceptance letter is taped to the mirror in her bedroom, and now we are working our way through student loans. As we were discussing her… Continue reading

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Credit card or debit card: my payment dilemma

I don’t know about you, but I am often in a shopping dilemma—do I use my credit card to buy this, or do I use my debit card? Do I want to pay for this over time (plus interest), or… Continue reading


So many credit cards … so much trouble

I spend about 10 hours a week trying to come up with fun, exciting, captivating new ways (although there is really nothing new anymore) to talk with students about being smart with credit cards. Yes, I do have a life… Continue reading

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