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Connect with your school counselor

As a high school senior, you have a busy year ahead with many decisions to make about college. Your school counselor is a great person to help guide you through this important time in your life. Even if you’ve never … Continue reading

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Moving In Care Package

Moving in to a new dorm room and making it “yours” is important for the new college student, and there’s no way they’re going to remember everything. Help them transform their space into something they can truly call theirs with … Continue reading

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A winter wonderful break

Another semester bites the dust, folks! After all the hard work you’ve put into classes and activities on campus you get a few weeks to relax. Feel free to press snooze as many times as you like. Heck, don’t even… Continue reading

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Grad school: Not a bailout plan

It’s hard to avoid all the bad economic news  these days. College students, I wouldn’t blame you if you’re nervous about leaving the safe confines of campus. The real world isn’t looking too inviting these days. So with a rough… Continue reading


Learning from your financial aid mistakes, part 3

Not long ago I read an article that made me cringe: A graduate student at California State University, Northridge  decided to put her tuition on a credit card. On her credit card? With all the other options out there? [Gasp.]… Continue reading


Learning from your financial aid mistakes, part 2

Generally, Wells Fargo recommends that students exhaust all of their “free money” (such as grants and scholarships) first, then borrow federal student loans, and if they need additional funds, consider private student loans . Graduate student Jennifer weighs the pros and… Continue reading

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Learning from your financial aid mistakes, part 1

As we commemorate the second anniversary of the Student LoanDown — how can it be two years already? — I’m reminded of why we started blogging in the first place: To have a conversation about education financing. Although we bloggers… Continue reading

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Got funds for fall?

You’re probably starting school soon, if you haven’t already. So let us know how your funding came together for fall semester. How are you paying for school?  Scholarships, loans, grants, Work-Study?  All of the above? Did you hit any bumps… Continue reading


Getting more from your Visa® card

A few weeks ago Staci blogged about back-to-school spending and how students and parents will spend less this year than in previous years. Sounds like everyone is trying to save money these days! If you’re among them, did you know… Continue reading

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Dorm essentials, the frugal way

Editor’s Note: It’s inevitable, Student LoanDown readers…school is about to start! In the next three posts, Barbara and Caroline — who have many years of roommate experience under their belts — share some tips on how to make dorm and… Continue reading

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