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Getting over your overdraft fees

A few years ago when I was a banker, a high school student came in looking for help. He was freaking out because he had overdrawn  his account again and his dad was going to take away his car. “You… Continue reading

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Staying ahead of your student loan payments

Last week I was talking with a friend of mine who is still paying off his student loans from graduate school. Like he does with his car loan and his mortgage, he pays more than the minimum amount. The extra… Continue reading


Financial wake-up call

This morning, as I was cuddled up and hitting snooze, hoping that time would go just a bit slower, my sister came into my room with an unexpected wake-up call: “There’s water in the basement.” After a night of rain,… Continue reading


Debit card dependency?

On Sunday I went to the ATM, which I usually do in order to have some cash for the week. After I’d gotten cash, I went to put away my debit card and noticed that I had a check from… Continue reading



It’s payday today. I always know when it’s payday. It’s the curse of a young professional with financial OCD (and usually a fairly low checking account balance). A couple Fridays ago, Staci and I were heading out to enjoy some… Continue reading


Mobile banking saves the day

To me, there’s almost no bigger financial fear than the thought of bouncing a check or overdrawing an account. On top of potential embarrassment, there are also usually fees that go along with having insufficient funds. I normally try to… Continue reading


Want to get away?

Editor’s note: Peter Kim is our first official guest author on the Student LoanDown blog. A graduate of the University of California at Riverside, Peter is a Client Relationship Officer with Wells Fargo International Personal Banking. He enjoys telling people… Continue reading

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The budget is sinking

When it comes to my finances, every cent is accounted for somewhere in my budget. Usually, I cut it pretty close due to my savings goals, some debts and my choice to spend more on housing. In general, I run… Continue reading

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A good user guide is hard to find

A couple of months ago, I finally got a BlackBerry® . I had resisted for a long time, much as I had resisted getting a cell phone (it took me until 2002!). But I spend a fair amount traveling and in… Continue reading


Breaking up with my bank

I’m not a fan of long-distance relationships . So it’s hard to believe I spent an entire year in a long-distance banking relationship. About 130 miles separated me from my hometown bank during my freshman year of college. While I was… Continue reading