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Ten things millennials can do to build credit

When you think of the term “student loan”, does the word “investment” also cross your mind? If so, you’re not alone. In a recent survey1, conducted in June 2015, 84 percent of millennials said they believe a student loan is … Continue reading

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The Power of Your Credit Score

Your grade point average (GPA) may have been the single most important score that teachers, academic institutions, and companies used to determine your ability to learn and take responsibility. Because there was such value placed on your GPA, you probably … Continue reading

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What is a credit score & how to get a free credit report

If you have—or are planning to have—private student loans, your credit score and credit report are crucial pieces of information that can either save or cost you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. Much like your high … Continue reading

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Earning our stripes in credit

Credit cards are a lot like fire. They can be very useful, and there is a lot of modern life that has been simplified with their ready access, but there are definitely stories of people getting burned as they learn … Continue reading

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Do You Need a Co-Signer? Credit Card Reform Act

How many of you have been tempted by a “free giveaway” to buy something? When I was in college, companies would set up tables, enticing students by offering pizza and t-shirts if they signed up for their products. During my… Continue reading

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Get Smart About Credit

Before college, the only report I was concerned about was my report card. It would be my ticket to a great college and eventually a great career. Turning in assignments for points, and monitoring my grades was my strategy for… Continue reading

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Fixing your credit

We all make mistakes, right? And whether your financial mistakes are minor (going $3.00 over budget for that fancy coffee) or major (defaulting on your student loans ), you must learn from your mistakes and you must take steps to correct… Continue reading

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Building your credit

Now that we’ve talked about the ways your credit is reported and scored, it’s time to delve into what you can do about your credit situation. First thing’s first. If you haven’t already done so, you need to assess your… Continue reading

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The credit report conversation, continued

Last time, I started going over the basics of the credit report with my Curious Mythical Reader (CMR). Let’s listen in on the rest of the conversation: CMR: So wait, what’s in my credit report again? KD: In addition to… Continue reading

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The credit report conversation

Last fall, when I wrote about my experience moving into a new apartment, I mentioned one of the important things to know about in order to properly manage your credit: your credit report. As part of this special series on… Continue reading