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Picture this!

My Wells Fargo® Credit Card doesn’t look like any other credit card in the world! Want to know why? I used the newest Wells Fargo feature called the Wells Fargo Card Design StudioSM service to put a picture of my… Continue reading


Debit card dependency?

On Sunday I went to the ATM, which I usually do in order to have some cash for the week. After I’d gotten cash, I went to put away my debit card and noticed that I had a check from… Continue reading


Check your financial to-do list

In this last month before school starts, you’ve probably got a long list of things that you need to do before heading off to college — especially if it’s your freshman year. While you’re making preparations, be sure you cover… Continue reading

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Want to get away?

Editor’s note: Peter Kim is our first official guest author on the Student LoanDown blog. A graduate of the University of California at Riverside, Peter is a Client Relationship Officer with Wells Fargo International Personal Banking. He enjoys telling people… Continue reading

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A tale of two cards

I have a shameful story to share. It’s shameful because I pride myself on being financially responsible…and passing on tips of financial responsibility to you readers. About a month ago, while standing at the Younkers  counter about to purchase some… Continue reading

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Anyone for Green Rewards?

The other day as I was dropping off my daughter at her kindergarten class, I ran into my friend Dave’s family. I was surprised to see them all — mom, daughter, and son — riding their bikes to school! As… Continue reading

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International money safety

In my last post, I addressed some of the different money options available for international travelers. And whether you’re "on holiday" or studying abroad, a little common sense goes a long way to keep your money safe when you’re in… Continue reading

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Money tips for traveling abroad

A few weeks back, Kathy wrote a great post about alternatives to taking a European vacation. Well, if in these last few weeks of summer you’re taking an actual European vacation—or perhaps preparing for a semester abroad—one thing you’ll need… Continue reading

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