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Green gardens

Earlier this week, the abundant sunshine in my kitchen reminded me to check on my seedling trays (I decided to save costs by growing my own food…well, some of it). So, I moseyed over and squealed with delight. My little… Continue reading

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In a recession, everyone should live like a college student

College students are well-known for their frugal habits. Ramen noodles , anyone? But in a recession, everyone can take a page from college students, who know how to have fun on the cheap. I’m taking a page myself. After four months… Continue reading


Coupon Queen

Are you a coupon clipper? Generally, I’m not a huge coupon clipper. The savings are nice, but rarely do I find coupons for the items I buy regularly. So inevitably, I’d actually be spending more on items I didn’t really… Continue reading

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The most important meal of the day

Do you eat breakfast? I normally don’t…well, I guess I get my soy chai latte . But on the weekends, I love to eat breakfast…or should I say I love eating out for breakfast! So last Sunday, I packed my family… Continue reading

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Eats on the cheap

One adjustment students need to make at this time of year is mastering a food budget. When you’re living on campus with a meal plan, food might not cross your mind. But when you’re on your own completing a summer… Continue reading

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