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Fraud awareness

This week, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners is sponsoring International Fraud Awareness Week, and Wells Fargo is proud to support this effort. Now is a great time to brush up on your awareness in detecting and preventing fraud, and … Continue reading

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Protect yourself from phish

This summer I’ve seen a couple kinds of fish — the ones at the lake nibbling my toes as I swim, and the phish that have arrived in my inbox and through my cell phone. Neither is fun, but the… Continue reading

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Don’t be a victim

Identity theft can happen to anyone. And at college, you’re particularly vulnerable . You lock your apartment and your car, right? Your identity is much more valuable, so guard it just as carefully as you do your other possessions. Here are… Continue reading


Built-in fraud protection (whew!)

Mid-summer, as I was blissfully reading email, I received three order confirmations from iTunes  thanking me for my gift card order. “Wait!” I thought to myself, “I haven’t placed any iTunes orders!” I tried to stay calm, but there was… Continue reading

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Protecting your identity

Last week, we commemorated Get Smart About Credit Day. This week, we’re calling attention to a related event: National Protect Your Identity Week . Spearheaded by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, this initiative is designed to bring identity theft awareness… Continue reading

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A tale of two cards

I have a shameful story to share. It’s shameful because I pride myself on being financially responsible…and passing on tips of financial responsibility to you readers. About a month ago, while standing at the Younkers  counter about to purchase some… Continue reading

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Beware of “great deals”

Now that we are fully into the holiday shopping season, I have to admit, I’m feeling kind of ignorant about how college students treat Christmas shopping these days. My college junior stepdaughter is not a big shopper in general, and… Continue reading

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Here Wii go again…

In my first post, I mentioned the trials and tribulations my son has had to experience by not being a part of the “Wii”  crowd. As the holidays approach, my son reminds me almost daily of how great it would… Continue reading

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