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How to find scholarships and grants

Finding the money: jumpstart your search College can be really expensive. However, you may not know there is free money out there, waiting for you. You just have to know where to find it. Scholarships and grants are a good … Continue reading

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When borrowing for school, compare your options

If you’re going to college or grad school in the fall, in the next couple months you’ll be making critical decisions about how you’ll finance the next school year. There are so many different options and loans available to you;… Continue reading

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Renew old, seek new funds

Caroline has already gone over some details of the FAFSA for beginners, but what about those of you who filed a FAFSA (Free Application For Federal Student Aid)  last year? You need to complete a FAFSA every year you’re in… Continue reading


Got funds for fall?

You’re probably starting school soon, if you haven’t already. So let us know how your funding came together for fall semester. How are you paying for school?  Scholarships, loans, grants, Work-Study?  All of the above? Did you hit any bumps… Continue reading


Be informed, not afraid, about student loan repayment

Student LoanDown readers, recently we received this question (typos and all — we publish ’em as is) on one of my older posts from kat s., a concerned grandmother: I would like to ask you a queston. My grandson was… Continue reading


Workin’ hard for the money

We’ve talked before about what to do once you’ve completed the FAFSA. Have your received your award packages (the next step) from your colleges yet? If so, I bet many of your schools gave you a chance for some “free… Continue reading

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Rich school, poor school?

In recent weeks, several colleges have followed Harvard University’s lead  in reducing tuition costs for families below certain income levels. Student loans are being replaced with increased grants — most of these funded by the schools’ endowments . Just yesterday, Yale… Continue reading

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Working or not?

For a number of my friends, formal education didn’t stop at our undergraduate commencement. Many are now taking graduate level classes towards a master’s degree. Some are taking classes on top of a full-time job, some are working part-time and… Continue reading

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The student loan I almost borrowed

A while back I told a reader that I’d faced my own Stafford Loan conundrum in college. If you’ve been reading the Student LoanDown for a while, you know I didn’t take on any student loan debt to attend college,… Continue reading


Financial aid folks are good nuts

This week I’m in our nation’s capital—Washington, D.C.—attending the National Association of Financial Aid Administrators  conference. It’s unbearably hot and humid. The weather is triggering memories of the two Julys I lived here—when I’d walk the four blocks to my… Continue reading