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The Power of Your Credit Score

Your grade point average (GPA) may have been the single most important score that teachers, academic institutions, and companies used to determine your ability to learn and take responsibility. Because there was such value placed on your GPA, you probably … Continue reading

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Just because you can delay student loan repayment doesn’t mean you should

Last week Barbara laid out a number of options for borrowers to extend or postpone student loan repayment — important information for new grads to have as they enter the real world. This is a topic that we get lots… Continue reading


Lower your monthly student loan obligations

Folks, we’ve made it through another graduation season. The gowns and mortar boards are packed away, and now many graduates are focused on their finances during the first months out of college. Student loan repayment is just down the road…. Continue reading


The real cost of retail therapy

Have you ever been in your favorite store with a cool new pair of jeans, a new t-shirt, and a slew of other clothes in hand, ready to pay when the cashier says, “If you open a store credit card… Continue reading

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Can I lower my student loan interest rate?

One of the questions we Student LoanDown bloggers get asked frequently (through comments and our Ask the Expert tool) is, “Can I lower my student loan interest rate?” Some folks are looking to lower their monthly payment because they’re not… Continue reading


Realistic resolutions

Happy 2009! Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?  I’m not a particularly successful resolution-keeper. Last year, I vowed to eat healthier, and for six weeks it was nothing but oatmeal for breakfast, salads for lunch, and Lean Cuisine®  for… Continue reading

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Repay the smart way

Recent grads, have you made your first student loan payment? If not, it’s coming. The six-month grace period of Federal Stafford Loans is ending for May graduates, which means it’s time to repay. Here are a few ideas to start… Continue reading


Learning from your financial aid mistakes, part 3

Not long ago I read an article that made me cringe: A graduate student at California State University, Northridge  decided to put her tuition on a credit card. On her credit card? With all the other options out there? [Gasp.]… Continue reading


Learning from your financial aid mistakes, part 2

Generally, Wells Fargo recommends that students exhaust all of their “free money” (such as grants and scholarships) first, then borrow federal student loans, and if they need additional funds, consider private student loans . Graduate student Jennifer weighs the pros and… Continue reading

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Learning from your financial aid mistakes, part 1

As we commemorate the second anniversary of the Student LoanDown — how can it be two years already? — I’m reminded of why we started blogging in the first place: To have a conversation about education financing. Although we bloggers… Continue reading

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