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Hunting the Elusive Summer Internship: Start now!

It is January and looking for a summer internship may be the last thing on your mind. You may also be thinking that internships are offered year round. What’s the rush? Well, summer is when most students have the largest … Continue reading

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Affording an Internship

Whether you are graduating or still a student, everyone wants to know what you are doing for the summer, where are you working? The excitement over securing a job or internship is often preceded by anxiety and a fear of not landing … Continue reading

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Habits that can help make your internship a success

If you’re starting an internship this summer and want to stand out, there’s a simple way to do it, no matter what assignments you’re given: demonstrate the work habits of a pro. Be prompt. Being on time is the first… Continue reading

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How I wish I had spent my summer vacations

Summer vacation is something that we all look forward to. Some of us plan our summers down to the last detail, and some fall into it as a welcome relief from plans. There are several summers from my college years… Continue reading

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Make the Most of Your Summer Internship

For those of you who already have your summer internship lined up, congratulations! For those who don’t, you still have time — check out Caroline’s latest post for some great advice for internship seekers. Once you have that internship secured,… Continue reading

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Congratulations, you got the interview! Now what?

You’ve just spent the last several months updating your resume, refining your cover letter, networking with industry contacts, and recruiting for your summer internship (or full-time position). All that work has paid off and you’ve been invited to interview –… Continue reading

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Internships, revisited

I caught a little heat from my boss after she read my last post on internships because I failed to mention that my job now actually sprung from an internship she granted me five (whoa!) years ago with Wells Fargo…. Continue reading

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Tips for a successful internship

Unlike Rachel, I didn’t have an internship in college — or even after college, for that matter. My school didn’t require it, and because I planned to go to graduate school and study literature, I’m pretty sure I thought college… Continue reading

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The pursuit of a paid internship

Internships. A good one can be like the holy grail for college students. It would be great if we could all be like Lauren Conrad and land one at Teen Vogue straight out of high school. But in reality, a… Continue reading


Details, details

Recently a co-worker received an email from a prospective intern — a college student. And let’s just say, he was less than impressed. Capital letters where they shouldn’t be, missing punctuation marks, you get the idea. For any student seeking… Continue reading

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