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Tips for your college applications

When I was going off to college, I had the benefit of being a younger sister and among the youngest in my group of high school friends, so I got to see 2 rounds of college applications before it was … Continue reading

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What we did to get involved on campus

You may be on your way to finding your niche at college with Caroline’s article from Tuesday, but our whole blog team had some additional items to share about how we got involved (or not) on our campuses. I attended … Continue reading

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I’ve reached a turning point in my life. I no longer wish to be reminded of my birthday! But since I’ve done so at twenty-five, twenty-four and twenty-three, I’ve decided deal with the reminder that I am, indeed, getting older,… Continue reading

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College choice costs

Each year my hometown newspaper does a special feature at graduation time. Now, keep in mind that I’m from a town of about 1,200 people.  The paper publishes all the high school graduates’ photos and includes their activities and honors,… Continue reading

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What to expect after college graduation

So, you’ve finally graduated! After four (or more!) years of hard work, you’re all done. You should be elated, and you are. But you might also feel a little down. And that’s totally normal. My stepdaughter just graduated from college… Continue reading


Go green

Admittedly, my thoughts today were inspired by a gorgeous, teenage vampire who once said, “The wasting of finite resources is everyone’s business.” Like Edward Cullen , I’ve come to realize that environmental conservation is not just for unbathed hippies who have… Continue reading


On being “average”

We all strive to be above average in some of the things we do. Scholars are hoping to surpass the average grades, athletes are striving for higher than average statistics, you get the picture. Yet we tend to settle on… Continue reading

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Internships, revisited

I caught a little heat from my boss after she read my last post on internships because I failed to mention that my job now actually sprung from an internship she granted me five (whoa!) years ago with Wells Fargo…. Continue reading

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In a recession, everyone should live like a college student

College students are well-known for their frugal habits. Ramen noodles , anyone? But in a recession, everyone can take a page from college students, who know how to have fun on the cheap. I’m taking a page myself. After four months… Continue reading


Spring break: Will it break the bank?

The Facebook  status updates are overwhelming me: “So-and-so has two more weeks until spring break,” “So-and-so is dreaming of spring break,” “So-and-so can’t wait to spend spring break on the beach.” Sigh. I wish I had a spring break. But… Continue reading

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