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Moving In Care Package

Moving in to a new dorm room and making it “yours” is important for the new college student, and there’s no way they’re going to remember everything. Help them transform their space into something they can truly call theirs with … Continue reading

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On the move this winter

They say it’s best to move every ten years or so in order to manage the clutter that builds over time. When you are in college, it seems like you are moving a lot. I certainly was, especially around the… Continue reading


Apartment hunting, courtship, and you

Moving can be equal-parts expensive, rewarding, and painful, and my husband and I have just completed the month-long process of getting settled into our new place. As I reflect on the experience, I’m struck by how many similarities there are… Continue reading

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Mobile banking saves the day

To me, there’s almost no bigger financial fear than the thought of bouncing a check or overdrawing an account. On top of potential embarrassment, there are also usually fees that go along with having insufficient funds. I normally try to… Continue reading


Do your financial lifestyles match?

When you’re choosing a roommate, there’s a lot to think about — especially if you’ll be living off-campus, where you have many more responsibilities than you do with on-campus housing. One of the things to consider seriously is whether your… Continue reading


Keeping up with the Joneses

Oh, the Joneses. You know the saying about keeping up with them . It’s something we’ve probably all dealt with at some point. Wanting the same things your peers have is likely a constant struggle—at least it is for me. My… Continue reading


Breaking up with my bank

I’m not a fan of long-distance relationships . So it’s hard to believe I spent an entire year in a long-distance banking relationship. About 130 miles separated me from my hometown bank during my freshman year of college. While I was… Continue reading


Reflecting on my mortgage

So I’ll be completely honest with you: Closing on my house was very anticlimactic. It wasn’t an event loaded with great excitement—certainly no balloons or party horns. And it didn’t leave me with a feeling of deep responsibility while a… Continue reading

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Autograph, get key, move, enjoy

I am happy to share my big news with you, Student LoanDown readers—I’ve officially put the label "apartment dweller" behind me! That’s right: I’m a homeowner. And as proof, I’m sharing some pictures of the steps I took to get… Continue reading