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It’s the small things that count

As we move steadily towards 2030—the year in which economist John Maynard Keynes predicted that our work week would have shrunk down to 15 hours because we were becoming so much more efficient—I am sitting in front of my computer… Continue reading

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Go green

Admittedly, my thoughts today were inspired by a gorgeous, teenage vampire who once said, “The wasting of finite resources is everyone’s business.” Like Edward Cullen , I’ve come to realize that environmental conservation is not just for unbathed hippies who have… Continue reading


Sticking to my budget

OK, I know Kathy just talked about BudgetWatch, but because I believe it is an amazing tool, I just have to talk about it again and share my experience. Now, over the years, I’ve employed numerous budgeting methods  — everything… Continue reading

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Mobile banking saves the day

To me, there’s almost no bigger financial fear than the thought of bouncing a check or overdrawing an account. On top of potential embarrassment, there are also usually fees that go along with having insufficient funds. I normally try to… Continue reading



I recently came down with the cold/flu bug that everyone seems to be sharing this month. While glued to my couch with my “supplies” (Odwalla, applesauce, Emergen-C, biscuits and soup), I watched an unhealthy amount of television &mdash including every… Continue reading

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Money doesn’t grow on trees

A funny story comes to mind about my son when he was about 5 years old. He assumed that since Mommy works at a bank, she can just get money out anytime she wants. Oh, if it were only that… Continue reading

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Where did summer go? On the credit card?

What was our big summer trip this year? We didn’t go Costa Maya, Costa Brava , or Costa Rica — but it sure did “costa lotta!” Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun. Our family vacation was a road trip to “The Happiest… Continue reading

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Do not pass Go, do not collect $200

Some of the comments we’ve been receiving as of late—and I haven’t been able to publish them all because they don’t meet our Comment Guidelines—indicate that the Student LoanDown blog hasn’t been spending enough time discussing student loans. I’m not… Continue reading


The fight against fraud

Recently I got a call from my credit card company asking me about some unusual charges. Since it was on a card that I have for emergencies and knew hadn’t been used in quite some time, I knew that someone… Continue reading


Breaking up with my bank

I’m not a fan of long-distance relationships . So it’s hard to believe I spent an entire year in a long-distance banking relationship. About 130 miles separated me from my hometown bank during my freshman year of college. While I was… Continue reading