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Teaching your student to network

Networking may sound like a pretty grown up word to use with a high school junior, but it is key for your student to build a network of adults they can rely on as they enter college and working world. … Continue reading

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Exit counseling for your private loans

Fall graduation is almost here which means soon it will be time for students to attend exit counseling sessions. When you borrow money from certain student loan programs, like the Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized loan, the federal government requires schools … Continue reading

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Having the courage to fail

A little over 4 years ago I made a decision to leave the life I knew in Austin and move to New York.  Many people thought I was nuts to move at such a time.  The industry I work in … Continue reading

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Stepping Out of the Classroom and into the Office

Tips for a Smooth Transition: Making the jump from class to cube? Make sure that you start your career on the right foot. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and there are so… Continue reading


Repayment Tips for Student Loan Borrowers

For May graduates, student loan repayment begins during November or December following a six-month grace period that is allowed on most federal and private student loans. Although graduates may understand the value of a college degree, navigating life after college… Continue reading

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Giving back sans $

After reading Caroline’s post about giving back to your school, I thought I’d share my own experiences with donating, because I took a bit different route. It’s something that you might be interested in, too. Right out of college, I… Continue reading

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Just because you can delay student loan repayment doesn’t mean you should

Last week Barbara laid out a number of options for borrowers to extend or postpone student loan repayment — important information for new grads to have as they enter the real world. This is a topic that we get lots… Continue reading


Postpone your student loan repayment

We already talked about ways you could possibly lower your monthly student loan obligations. But if you’re looking for a way to postpone your student loan payments, there may be an option for you as well. Under certain circumstances, borrowers… Continue reading


Lower your monthly student loan obligations

Folks, we’ve made it through another graduation season. The gowns and mortar boards are packed away, and now many graduates are focused on their finances during the first months out of college. Student loan repayment is just down the road…. Continue reading


What to expect after college graduation

So, you’ve finally graduated! After four (or more!) years of hard work, you’re all done. You should be elated, and you are. But you might also feel a little down. And that’s totally normal. My stepdaughter just graduated from college… Continue reading