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See how far they’ve come

As you watch your students develop and move into the college level, you prepare them with as much information as possible. But also make sure that you step back to track their successes and opportunities as a whole — this … Continue reading

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Understanding college costs

Taking a look at college costs today is enough to give anyone sticker shock. Before you start to scramble figuring out how to pay the cost, remember that most students don’t pay the full advertised price for college. There are … Continue reading

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Protect yourself from phish

This summer I’ve seen a couple kinds of fish — the ones at the lake nibbling my toes as I swim, and the phish that have arrived in my inbox and through my cell phone. Neither is fun, but the… Continue reading

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Be prepared!

Last week, our friends at the Guided By History blog recounted some of their stories about the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.  The 20th anniversary of this disaster just passed, on Saturday, October 17. I didn’t live in San Francisco in… Continue reading

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Just because you can delay student loan repayment doesn’t mean you should

Last week Barbara laid out a number of options for borrowers to extend or postpone student loan repayment — important information for new grads to have as they enter the real world. This is a topic that we get lots… Continue reading


Postpone your student loan repayment

We already talked about ways you could possibly lower your monthly student loan obligations. But if you’re looking for a way to postpone your student loan payments, there may be an option for you as well. Under certain circumstances, borrowers… Continue reading


Lower your monthly student loan obligations

Folks, we’ve made it through another graduation season. The gowns and mortar boards are packed away, and now many graduates are focused on their finances during the first months out of college. Student loan repayment is just down the road…. Continue reading


The real cost of retail therapy

Have you ever been in your favorite store with a cool new pair of jeans, a new t-shirt, and a slew of other clothes in hand, ready to pay when the cashier says, “If you open a store credit card… Continue reading

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College choice costs

Each year my hometown newspaper does a special feature at graduation time. Now, keep in mind that I’m from a town of about 1,200 people.  The paper publishes all the high school graduates’ photos and includes their activities and honors,… Continue reading

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What to expect after college graduation

So, you’ve finally graduated! After four (or more!) years of hard work, you’re all done. You should be elated, and you are. But you might also feel a little down. And that’s totally normal. My stepdaughter just graduated from college… Continue reading