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The Wells Fargo Community

When it comes to college planning, we all have questions. How do I apply for scholarships? What clubs can I join in high school to get a head start on college? Should I live at home with my parents or… Continue reading

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Getting to know you

People who know me would not be surprised that I chose a song from The King and I to title this post — I’m a bit of a musical buff. And it’s high time that we knew more about you,… Continue reading

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Call us!

You might not have noticed, but at the end of April we added a toll-free phone number to the Student LoanDown blog: 1-877-412-5321. In the age of social networking and Twitter  — which, BTW, Wells Fargo is using  — why… Continue reading


Can I lower my student loan interest rate?

One of the questions we Student LoanDown bloggers get asked frequently (through comments and our Ask the Expert tool) is, “Can I lower my student loan interest rate?” Some folks are looking to lower their monthly payment because they’re not… Continue reading


Quick credit questions and answers

We got an email via Ask The Expert recently with some great questions about credit. I thought all of you might benefit from a little credit Q&A as well, so here are some highlights of my response to the reader:… Continue reading