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Student loan consolidation tips

If you have several student loans, you may be thinking about finding a way to consolidate them into one or two more manageable monthly payments. In the past, we have talked about considerations around consolidation. Here are a few more … Continue reading

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Repayment Tips for Student Loan Borrowers

For May graduates, student loan repayment begins during November or December following a six-month grace period that is allowed on most federal and private student loans. Although graduates may understand the value of a college degree, navigating life after college… Continue reading

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Can I lower my student loan interest rate?

One of the questions we Student LoanDown bloggers get asked frequently (through comments and our Ask the Expert tool) is, “Can I lower my student loan interest rate?” Some folks are looking to lower their monthly payment because they’re not… Continue reading


Repay the smart way

Recent grads, have you made your first student loan payment? If not, it’s coming. The six-month grace period of Federal Stafford Loans is ending for May graduates, which means it’s time to repay. Here are a few ideas to start… Continue reading


Financial aid folks are good nuts

This week I’m in our nation’s capital—Washington, D.C.—attending the National Association of Financial Aid Administrators  conference. It’s unbearably hot and humid. The weather is triggering memories of the two Julys I lived here—when I’d walk the four blocks to my… Continue reading


Raising my hand with consolidation questions

I’m a sucker for breaking the awkward silence. If a professor waited long enough after asking a question in college, I would always pipe up. Well, if I kind of knew the answer. I asked y’all for questions about student… Continue reading