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Make a plan and stick to it – your guide to saving for college

When you’re planning to pay for college, budgeting is a great way to take some of the stress out of the process and fill in the gaps that loans and scholarships can leave behind. Look into payment plans If tuition … Continue reading

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Good money habits for the new year

Editor’s note: New Year’s resolutions are often all about habits: creating news ones, kicking bad ones. This week, we’ll talk about money habits, and how you can make resolutions to build good habits and minimize bad habits. While resolutions are … Continue reading

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Green gardens

Earlier this week, the abundant sunshine in my kitchen reminded me to check on my seedling trays (I decided to save costs by growing my own food…well, some of it). So, I moseyed over and squealed with delight. My little… Continue reading

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Both a borrower and a lender be

I hate to contradict Shakespeare, who said “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.”  But I’m going to make the case for borrowing (and lending) stuff. When times are tough and everyone’s trying to save money, borrowing and lending things… Continue reading


In a recession, everyone should live like a college student

College students are well-known for their frugal habits. Ramen noodles , anyone? But in a recession, everyone can take a page from college students, who know how to have fun on the cheap. I’m taking a page myself. After four months… Continue reading


Spring break: Will it break the bank?

The Facebook  status updates are overwhelming me: “So-and-so has two more weeks until spring break,” “So-and-so is dreaming of spring break,” “So-and-so can’t wait to spend spring break on the beach.” Sigh. I wish I had a spring break. But… Continue reading

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The value of DIY

As my father told me after my last home emergency, “Houses can sometimes be a money pit.” Cue next home issue. After Christmas, I decided that the wallpaper and bright green paint adorning my bathroom walls were meant to be… Continue reading

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Fun for less than $10

I’ll admit, I’ve got budgeting on the brain. Maybe it’s because it’s relatively early in the New Year, and I have the chance to start fresh with a clean slate. Maybe it’s because my student loans have recently gone into… Continue reading

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Tax time savings

In a year when nearly everyone is looking for ways to pinch pennies, be sure you don’t overlook opportunities to save at tax time. There are several valuable tax credits and deductions available to college students and their parents. We’ve… Continue reading

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Sticking to my budget

OK, I know Kathy just talked about BudgetWatch, but because I believe it is an amazing tool, I just have to talk about it again and share my experience. Now, over the years, I’ve employed numerous budgeting methods  — everything… Continue reading

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