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The Wells Fargo Community

When it comes to college planning, we all have questions. How do I apply for scholarships? What clubs can I join in high school to get a head start on college? Should I live at home with my parents or… Continue reading

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Call us!

You might not have noticed, but at the end of April we added a toll-free phone number to the Student LoanDown blog: 1-877-412-5321. In the age of social networking and Twitter  — which, BTW, Wells Fargo is using  — why… Continue reading


Surprise, it’s a “something!”

My something finally arrived! Now it’s time to share my  package unveiling with you. I know you’ve waited with baited breath to see what I got, so check out the video to watch me open my something!… Continue reading


The high of buying “something”

Every once in a while I make an online purchase so good that I track its movement almost ritualistically. For example, when my new iPod Nano  was on its way, I hit up the FedEx package tracker  on pretty much… Continue reading

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