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5 things you should know about financial aid

February is Financial Aid Awareness month, and in that spirit, I’m going to share the top five things I think every student should understand about financial aid. Are you ready? Let’s get started! Not all financial aid is need-based. This is the … Continue reading

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The Pros and Cons of Student Loan Consolidation

You might find entering repayment after graduation to be a bit of a challenge. You’re starting a new phase of your life, launching your career, and adjusting to a whole new set of responsibilities and freedoms. Trying to figure out … Continue reading

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Student loan consolidation tips

If you have several student loans, you may be thinking about finding a way to consolidate them into one or two more manageable monthly payments. In the past, we have talked about considerations around consolidation. Here are a few more … Continue reading

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Exit counseling for your private loans

Fall graduation is almost here which means soon it will be time for students to attend exit counseling sessions. When you borrow money from certain student loan programs, like the Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized loan, the federal government requires schools … Continue reading

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Federal student loans vs. private student loans

A student loan, is a student loan, is a student loan, right? In some aspects, that statement is true. For example, all student loans need to be repaid. After all, it is a loan and not a gift. The more … Continue reading

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5 things to know as your student loan grace period ends

For some of you, the last 6 months has been a whirlwind: you graduated from college; may have moved into a new apartment; potentially have started your first real 8 to 5 job and might just wish you were back … Continue reading

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Can I Lower My Student Loan Interest Rate?

One of the common questions we get here at the StudentLoanDown blog is, “Can I lower my student loan interest rate?” Whether you’re looking to lower your monthly payment because you can’t afford it or are just interested in decreasing … Continue reading

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Loan Forgiveness -Totally Easy, Right?

I’ve been asked again and again at college visits and financial literacy seminars, “How do I get my student loan debt forgiven?” Or worse, “I don’t have to worry about taking on more loans for more degrees. I’ll get… Continue reading

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Taking exit counseling seriously

Graduating college seniors, you probably have a lot on your mind as this final semester of your college career winds down. No doubt you’ve got finals looming and you’re probably deep in job-hunting mode, not to mention the fact that… Continue reading

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Repayment Tips for Student Loan Borrowers

For May graduates, student loan repayment begins during November or December following a six-month grace period that is allowed on most federal and private student loans. Although graduates may understand the value of a college degree, navigating life after college… Continue reading

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