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Summer Fling – Working Abroad

There are so many ways to spend your summer vacation – one of my favorite choices has been to work and travel abroad. Being concerned about cash flow led me to finding out ways to make money (or at least… Continue reading

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Summer Abroad

When I was in high school, my best friend and I decided that we really wanted to study in France , so we pushed our French studies, researched exchange programs with our teachers and school counselors, and went through a… Continue reading

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How I wish I had spent my summer vacations

Summer vacation is something that we all look forward to. Some of us plan our summers down to the last detail, and some fall into it as a welcome relief from plans. There are several summers from my college years… Continue reading

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Travel on a budget

Travel is a great way to expand your cultural horizons, meet new friends and reconnect with old ones, but it can get expensive. How do our bloggers do it without breaking the bank? For those of you who are traveling… Continue reading

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Read the fine print

I just got back from the airport. Unfortch, I was not returning from a fabulous trip to a tropical location . However I was buying a ticket to one…well, Florida’s not quite the tropics, but I’m sure it will seem that… Continue reading

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A summer vacation dream come true

A few weeks ago, I watched the protests around the Olympic torch  with quite a bit of interest. You see, I had already booked and paid for a family trip to Beijing to see the Olympics  this August! This is… Continue reading

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The most important meal of the day

Do you eat breakfast? I normally don’t…well, I guess I get my soy chai latte . But on the weekends, I love to eat breakfast…or should I say I love eating out for breakfast! So last Sunday, I packed my family… Continue reading

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Student loans for international students

Just like many U.S. students choose to spend time studying abroad, many international students choose to study in the United States. Here are two great resources for students considering traveling to the U.S. to further their education: educationUSA — advising… Continue reading


Want to get away?

Editor’s note: Peter Kim is our first official guest author on the Student LoanDown blog. A graduate of the University of California at Riverside, Peter is a Client Relationship Officer with Wells Fargo International Personal Banking. He enjoys telling people… Continue reading

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Where did summer go? On the credit card?

What was our big summer trip this year? We didn’t go Costa Maya, Costa Brava , or Costa Rica — but it sure did “costa lotta!” Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun. Our family vacation was a road trip to “The Happiest… Continue reading

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