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Letters of recommendation for college: who, how and when to ask

As your junior year of high school winds down, it may be dawning on you: college applications are right around the corner! This may be a stressful time since your college choice lays the groundwork for the next few years. … Continue reading

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5 things you should know about financial aid

February is Financial Aid Awareness month, and in that spirit, I’m going to share the top five things I think every student should understand about financial aid. Are you ready? Let’s get started! Not all financial aid is need-based. This is the … Continue reading

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What is a credit score & how to get a free credit report

If you have—or are planning to have—private student loans, your credit score and credit report are crucial pieces of information that can either save or cost you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. Much like your high … Continue reading

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Clever Girls in the Community

Hi Student LoanDown readers, I’d like to introduce you to guest blogger, Leticia Barr. Leticia works for Clever Girls Collective as a Social Media Account Manager and served as the project manager for the Wells Fargo Community Campaign. She is… Continue reading

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That Bank I Am

In remembrance of one of my favorite writers of children’s stories, I dedicate this post to Theodor Seuss Geisel , also known as Dr. Seuss  (03/02/1904 – 09/24/1991).     That Bank I Am With tuition rising, Costs of books, You’d… Continue reading

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