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Any competitive swimmer knows I’m not talking about an airline promotion! Butterfly, backstroke, and freestyle are three of the four swim strokes—breaststroke is the fourth.

Why all the swim talk? Well, my summer has been all about swim meets. My daughters have one every Wednesday and weekend. They’re totally fun and I get a great tan being out in the sun, but it’s quite a time commitment—not to mention exhausting! So I’ve found that it’s very easy to put off the not-so-fun things to do, like paying bills.

But making payments on time consistently is key—especially if you have a loan or credit card.

One thing I’ve done to make sure I make my monthly payments on time is to sign up for payment reminder alerts to my mobile device. It’s been soooo helpful to help me stay on top of due dates and maintain good credit too!

What’s been keeping you busy this summer? And how have you stayed on top of paying your bills?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Work has been keeping me busy this summer. Unfortunately, for those of us who punch a time clock at a regular 9-5 job, summer is just like any other time of the year. Monday through Friday in July is just like Monday through Friday in March. But there are girl scout events that have been keeping us busy and our investment in yearly passes to Knott’s Berry Farm has made for a nice evening diversion every couple of weeks. As for staying on top of bills, my plan is to get rid of them so that I have fewer of them. I’m not too keen on automatic payment set-ups, because for some bills—such as the cell phone bill—the monthly amount varies, which leaves me leery of automatically paying it. Plus, I don’t like companies having auto debit privileges connected to my checking account. I’ve been burned too many times by gym memberships where they insisted on auto debiting the monthly fee, only to debit “just one more payment” (or even several) after I’d cancelled. I have my bills in slots that are numbered by when I need to pay them (this thing —, which helps tremendously.

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