Happy at college?

Hey college freshmen, how are you doing?

Now that you’ve been at school a couple of months, are you settling in? Finding your way?

Freshman year can be tough, no doubt about it. A few short months ago, you were top dog in your school. Enjoying all the perks of being a senior. Now that you’re a freshman again, some of you might be making the transition easily, and others of you might feel a little lost.

Maybe some of you are even thinking about transferring to another school Click here to learn about third-party website links or dropping out Click here to learn about third-party website links for awhile. Can I give you some advice? Before you make a big decision like that, take a deep breath and figure out why things aren’t working out at your current school. Transferring schools can become costly — especially if your credits don’t transfer. Dropping out can leave you with limited earning power and outstanding debt to repay. Neither choice is a decision to take too lightly.

So, if you’re not happy at college, why?

Are your reasons social? Has it been hard to make friends, or are you having trouble with your roommateClick here to learn about third-party website links While a new school might be a better fit socially for you (and I know it’s important to fit in with the “culture” of your school) — be sure you’ve truly made an effort at your current school, because a change of scenery is not always the answer.

Are your reasons academic? Are you struggling with classesClick here to learn about third-party website links Not connecting with your professors the way you’d like? If you’re in over your head academically, then changing schools is probably a good choice. If you know you just haven’t given it your best effort, then you have to ask yourself you’re prepared to make a change, or if you need a break from school to figure out your priorities.

When you’re contemplating a major change like switching schools, or dropping out — consider all the factors, monetary and otherwise, to make sure it’s the right call. Then make like a chess player and plot out several steps ahead. If you’re changing schools, what other changes will you make to ensure that you have a better experience? If you’re dropping out for awhile, will you work for a set period of time before re-enrolling?

Let us know what your first few months of college have been like. We’d love to hear your stories!

About Caroline Hanson

Caroline is a communications consultant for Wells Fargo Education Financial Services. Although she has been known to forget her own ZIP code, she has memorized the lyrics to every bad 1970s pop song ever written. Unfortunately, she also loves karaoke. Caroline spends her spare time at Target®. She also likes biking slowly and has participated in RAGBRAI. Caroline is a graduate of Iowa State University and has worked in journalism and public relations for the past 14 years. She lives in Iowa with her husband and has a 19-year-old stepdaughter and 2-year-old son.
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