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Could you borrow less for college?

It’s something to think about. I recently advocated for taking a look at your personal expenses to see if you could cut your monthly bills. As the end of this semester approaches, you may want to consider taking a look… Continue reading

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Building savings into your budget

Okay, if I were a college student, I think I’d be sputtering right now: “Saving? Saving what? I’m borrowing money just to live!” But hear me out. It’s tough to manage your money when you’re in college. Borrowing thousands of… Continue reading

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What’s the FAFSA for?

If you’re applying for financial aid and wondering if you should bother completing the FAFSA, the short answer is “Yes, the sooner the better.” FAFSA stands for “Free Application for Federal Student Aid,” and it’s your first step toward securing… Continue reading

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