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The All-Nighter Care Package

Whether cramming for mid-terms or putting the polish on that big paper, all-nighters are a rite of passage for most college students. Give your student that little extra perk they need to make it through the night with the help … Continue reading

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Information and Tips for First Generation Students and Families Planning for College

According to a 2013 report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, college graduates have lower unemployment rates, fare better during recessions, and earn wages roughly double those of high school graduates. When made responsibly, a higher education remains … Continue reading

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Trying to Orient Orientation

You have been thinking about it since the moment you mailed in your acceptance letter, you’ve been thinking about the ridiculous details like what you are going to wear and how you will introduce yourself. You wonder if you’ll meet … Continue reading

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Getting there is more than half the fun

Student LoanDown readers, let me introduce you to our newest blogger, Samantha Simon, who has joined us as an intern this summer as she gets ready for her last year as an undergraduate in Ohio. Welcome, Samantha! –DF Going… Continue reading

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Summer classes – how to stay focused when your friends are at the beach

School’s out for sum—er… maybe not. If you’re one of the lucky few that have chosen to opt in on Summer Intensives, you may have some obstacles in the way – namely social daytime activities. How are you expected to… Continue reading

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Protecting your possessions in college

When you’re getting ready to move to college, you’ll be packing up a lot of stuff, likely the pricey, portable kind: a laptop, tablet, smartphone, iPod, and gaming systems. It’s an exciting time, and you’re probably not thinking about the… Continue reading

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Asking for recommendations

If you’re a senior in the thick of college and scholarship applications, there’s one task you don’t want to leave until the last minute: asking for written recommendations. It’s very possible that your college application will need to include a… Continue reading

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Lessons in credit

It seemed as if on the last day of high school, I was already receiving credit card offers in the mail. I had never considered having a credit card before and my parents had never brought it up before until… Continue reading

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Helping colleges and universities

Student LoanDown readers, I’d like to introduce you to guest blogger, Stephanie Rico. Stephanie is with our Environmental Affairs group working to help our company invest in environmental solutions for stronger communities. She’s been focused on driving positive change, including… Continue reading

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Time for college visits

I made my first college visit when I was 10. Two of my older sisters went to Iowa State at the time, and I spent the weekend in their dorm. I ate from the vending machine, slept in a loft… Continue reading

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