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Federal student loans vs. private student loans

A student loan, is a student loan, is a student loan, right? In some aspects, that statement is true. For example, all student loans need to be repaid. After all, it is a loan and not a gift. The more … Continue reading

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Can I Lower My Student Loan Interest Rate?

One of the common questions we get here at the StudentLoanDown blog is, “Can I lower my student loan interest rate?” Whether you’re looking to lower your monthly payment because you can’t afford it or are just interested in decreasing … Continue reading

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Loan Forgiveness -Totally Easy, Right?

I’ve been asked again and again at college visits and financial literacy seminars, “How do I get my student loan debt forgiven?” Or worse, “I don’t have to worry about taking on more loans for more degrees. I’ll get… Continue reading

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Repayment Tips for Student Loan Borrowers

For May graduates, student loan repayment begins during November or December following a six-month grace period that is allowed on most federal and private student loans. Although graduates may understand the value of a college degree, navigating life after college… Continue reading

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Get your financial aid in order for fall

It’s July. Do you know where your college money is coming from? If you didn’t answer “yes,” it’s time to get a handle on how you’re paying your tuition bill this fall. The first few days of college are hectic… Continue reading

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The scoop on Income Based Repayment

Does your current (or future) federal student loan payment seem a bit daunting? As of July 1, there’s a new repayment option for federal student loans that may help. Income Based Repayment  (IBR) is designed to help borrowers who find… Continue reading

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If you need more money

High school seniors, you may think the hard part about your college decision-making is over. You’ve probably already applied to, been accepted and decided on a school. And you’ve probably completed your FAFSA  and know what your financial aid award… Continue reading

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Financial aid night

If you’re a high school senior, all the realities of college are probably getting more real by the day. Specifically, the reality of how much college costs.  Starting now, you’ve got just a few short months to pull together the… Continue reading

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