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Getting financially fit for freshman year

You may feel ready for the academic and social challenges of college—but are you ready for the financial end of things? If you’re feeling a little uncertain in that regard, you’ve got a couple weeks to shape up and get … Continue reading

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Job-hunting tips for college students

A lot of job-hunting advice is aimed at recent college graduates, but honestly, there’s plenty to do to prepare for your eventual job search from the minute you start college as a freshman. You can and should be taking steps… Continue reading

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How I wish I had spent my summer vacations

Summer vacation is something that we all look forward to. Some of us plan our summers down to the last detail, and some fall into it as a welcome relief from plans. There are several summers from my college years… Continue reading

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Getting a job on campus

Planning on getting a job once you hit campus? Great idea. Personally, I found that when I worked during college, I was much more organized –and my grades didn’t suffer at all. I had jobs both on and off-campus while… Continue reading

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Avoid spending your summer savings

If you’ve been working hard all summer, trying to put money away for college, how can you help ensure that the money is there when fall rolls around? Saving money can be a challenge, but here are some tips to… Continue reading

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Finding a post-grad job: Look beyond your computer screen

First, let’s state the obvious: Current career prospects for recent college grads aren’t as good as they could be. The unemployment rate for graduates ages 21 to 24 averaged 9.4 percent for the year ended in March, while the underemployment… Continue reading

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What type of cookie would you be?

“If you were a cookie, what type of cookie would you be?” This was an actual question that was asked during a job interview. I am not sure I know the right answer to this or whether a right answer… Continue reading

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Top 12 tips for college students entering the workforce

Friends, I’d like to introduce you to guest blogger Dean Junkans, Chief Investment Officer of Wells Fargo Private Bank. Over the course of his 28-year investment career, Dean has held numerous leadership and portfolio management positions—currently he leads and coordinates… Continue reading

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Your after-graduation “action plan”

High school graduation is almost here, and May can be the world’s busiest month for you seniors, but I have to ask—do you have a plan for after graduation? You know, something to keep you organized so you’re fully prepared… Continue reading

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Networking: A dirty word … until you master it!

I admit, like many of you I used to view “networking” as a dirty word. In college, I heard time and time again that “networking” was essential to my job search and the key to success in the workplace— yet… Continue reading

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