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What will you do with your graduation money?

Getting money for graduation has become almost as much of a tradition as the cap and gown. I know I usually give money as a graduation gift—no shopping, no receipt, and sure to bring a smile. If you got a… Continue reading

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Who do you trust?

We’ve had some awesome comments lately, so I just wanted to give you guys some post props for sharing your thoughts and situations with us. Keep them coming! We love hearing from you and try to respond to your questions… Continue reading

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A friendly reminder about fraud

With the holidays upon us, you are probably doing more shopping than usual — both online and in stores. So, I just want to offer a friendly reminder to keep a close eye on all your bank accounts look for… Continue reading

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Want that special item? It’s budget time!

You know those days when you walk by a display window and something catches your eye? There’s a small voice in your head that says, “You HAVE to get that! You were BORN to wear that!” Yeah, that voice gets… Continue reading

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Make sure it’s a back-to-school bargain

Back-to-school shopping is always pretty fun — even if you’re in college. Except in the college years, it’s not all about new clothes and a fresh backpack. You’re more likely to be hunting down things like laundry supplies, bedding, and… Continue reading

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I’m spent.

And it’s because I’ve spent…$103.94 at Target®. It took a lot out of me to swipe my card considering my recent lack of frivolous spending. Yes, now that my 40-day ban on shopping for stuff is over, the floodgates of… Continue reading

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Thankful for a bargain

I’m getting my game face on. This Friday I will join the masses in search of good deals at their favorite retailers. You all know I love a bargain. It’s my second year partaking in Black Friday.  Last year was… Continue reading

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I love a reward

Last week, my mail included one of my favorite things that travels to me via the postal service: a DSW reward certificate.  Yes, $10 off the next pair of pumps, wedges or sandals I purchase at the discount shoe store…. Continue reading

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I do (want to save on wedding costs)

Since I just talked about ways for wedding party attendants to budget, I thought it would be prudent to speak to all those brides- and grooms-to-be out there as well. Now, I’m just a novice in the wedding planning arena,… Continue reading

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27 dresses

It’s the year of the wedding — for me at least. This year I’ll be a maid of honor twice and bridesmaid once. (Yes, it’s a bit Jane. ) Not to mention I’ll be a guest at a slew of other… Continue reading

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