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Moneymaking tips for high schoolers

Make the most of your passion It’s never too early to start planning for college. But as a high schooler, there’s one big challenge: what do you do to make money? Between studying, sports, and extracurricular activities, time can be … Continue reading

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Keeping college tuition in check: what do you think?

You don’t hear many arguments when people say the cost of college tuition has increased dramatically in the last decade. But what can be done about it? President Obama made a proposal in his recent State of the Union address:… Continue reading

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How did you pay for college?

Thinking about paying for that hefty college tuition can be scary, but as long as you have a strong budgeting plan in place, you’ll be able to avoid the big “D” word (debt) by borrowing only what you need, and… Continue reading

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Comparing college costs

Are you in the midst of your college search? While you want a school that can offer a great education and an atmosphere that suits you—cost should also be an important consideration. Once you know what you’re looking for in… Continue reading

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Is a two-year degree right for me?

Is the cost of higher education worth it? To quote my favorite college professor, “It depends.” It depends on so many variables. One way to evaluate the expense is to examine your earning potential after graduation compared to the cost… Continue reading

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Is a college education still worth it?

In today’s challenging job market, does it still pay to get a college education? Recently the Wells Fargo Economics group explored the issue in their article “The Kids Are Alright” (PDF)*. Ultimately the article concludes that despite increasing college tuition… Continue reading

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Deals on tuition

Did anyone else see this? National Louis University in Chicago is using Groupon to offer a 60% discount for an introduction to teaching course this fall. Now, I’m all over using Groupon to find new restaurants and getting some cheap… Continue reading

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What your Financial Aid Office wants you to know

Preparing to head off to college in the fall is a big, hairy deal. There are way, way, way too many details to keep organized. One detail that tends to get overlooked: paying for tuition. Odd isn’t it? Most students… Continue reading

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Giving back to your school

After you graduate, the only money you’ll probably be thinking about when it comes to your school are the monthly student loan payments you’re making. But it won’t be long before you get the call: An earnest, cheerful student from… Continue reading

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Parents: Are you getting oriented, too?

I came across this article the other day about college-orientation sessions for parents. These aren’t a brand-new thing, certainly. They had parent sessions when my stepdaughter started college five years ago. But it’s definitely a new phenomenon with this generation… Continue reading

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